Write for Us

North Start Tribune welcomes article contributions in shape of opinion pieces, analytical articles, fact checking articles or curated news reports. All submission must be original and credited with accuracy.

A submission to North Star Tribune is under no circumstances guaranteed to be published. The Editors make all final publication decisions.

If you would like to be part the North Start Tribune conversation, please contact us by email at admin@northstartribune.com. The editors have provided below a few tips on how to write a piece for the North Star Tribune.

We are looking forward to reading your work.

Guidelines for Contributors

1. Your write up should not be more than 2000 words

2. Topic needs to be clear and specific to the column. If not sure of which column of North Star Tribune is best suited, consult with one of our editors.

3. Statement of facts need to be supported by evidence and referenced. No hearsay or innuendos will be accepted.

4. We recommend your write-up to include the following sections

a.     Introductory Paragraph: Describing the issue, method to address the subject, and core message/ thesis of the subject you are writing about.

b.     Main body paragraphs: Discuss main points of the subject matter; different perspectives and/or alternative explanations provided on the issue; referenced evidence supporting the writer’s views; the writer’s views and reasoning.

5. Conclusion: Summarize the main points and take-home message.

If North Star Tribune Editor/s determine the article will be published with little or no modifications, we will respond in 2 business days.  If the material was determined not appropriate or relevant to topics covered by North Star Tribune, the writer will be informed as such within 3 business days.  If the material submitted is worthy of publishing with North Star Media but needs some editing/formatting/ or reorganization the writer will be informed as such within 4 business days.