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Monday, April 19, 2021
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Dissonant Horn


The War in Tigray Is a Fight Over Ethiopia’s Past—and Future


ኣብ ድፎዖም ዓልል

ተጋዳላይ  ትግራይ  ናይ   ሰዓራይነቱ   ብልሒ መለክዒ  ኣብ ድፏዕ  ፀላእቱ ምዕላል እዩ ፡፡ ንኹሉ ዝገጠሞ  ሓይሊ  ደርዒሙ፤  ንመስናኽላት ሰይሩ ፣ ንሓፁራት    ጥሒሱ ፣...

We Can No Longer Deny the Atrocities in Ethiopia

A civil war in the northern region of Tigray broke out in November. Denial within the international community has prevented much-needed...