About Us


North Star Tribune is established to provide objective and independent journalism in Ethiopia and provide citizens accurate, unvarnished information on current affairs. North StarTribune will provide a fair access and a well-balanced platform to express diverse views and opin


North Star Tribune believes Press Freedom is sin-quo non for an open and democratic society and will guard Freedom of the press for its own survival. It will nurture and consistently strive to demonstrate civil, mature, and responsible discourse. North Star Tribune not only will stay away from sensationalism and move above the fray, it will stand out for its quality journalism, professionalism, and setting the bar higher.


North Star Tribune (part of North Star Media) is a national online platform, integrated with its related media platforms, serving a public interest through purposeful dialogues by bringing together national leaders in politics and policy, activists, social and political commentators, historians, legal, economic, financial, public health and other relevant experts.  It will work to facilitate building national consensus, where it is possible, and promote a shared future on an inclusive narrative across the country involving all Ethiopians and all social constructs.  North Star Media’s founders hail from Tigrai, and share a number of commonalities, values, nuances and flavors specific to Tigrai: Tigrawai perspective. In addition there is a strong desire to seed and cultivate a vibrant media in Tigrai uniquely and qualitatively different from the too common, too biased, and propaganda media primarily centered in Addis Ababa.  North Star aims to shine a bright light and own a truly deserving journalistic identity.